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Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. The Salton Sea, California's largest inland lake, supports a spectacular bird population that is among the most concentrated and most diverse in the world. Sadly, this crucial stopover along the Pacific Flyway for migratory and wintering shorebirds, landbirds, and waterfowl is dangerously close to collapse from several environmental threats.

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This is page 22 Previous page - Next page. The snow bunting is a rare bird almost the size of a sparrow. It is possibly the most romantic and elusive bird in the British Isles and certainly the hardiest small bird in the world. Of particular interest will be the descriptions of the privations the author underwent in the Cairngorms in order to gather information for this book..

Pemberley Natural History Books Professional seller. Catalogue: Zoology,Birds. Add to shopping cart More information. MacMillan South Africa , col illus, maps. Harper Collins , col photos, col illus.

Bird flocks of the Salton Sea, California

Massive changes in land use in recent decades have in brought about huge changes in bird habitats and populations; some species dependent on the old landscapes declined, while others have increased. Over the same period, changing public attitudes to wildlife allowed previously scarce bird species to recover from past onslaughts, while climate warming has promoted further changes. In this seminal new work, the author explains why different bird species are distributed as they are, and why they have changed over the years in the way that they have.

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The watching and study of birds now provides a source of recreation and pleasure for very large numbers of people, while continued monitoring of bird numbers can also alert us to impending environmental problems.. Harper Collins , col photos. New copy with indent mark to front cover. Fine copy..

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Limpback edition. The colour plates from the original edition are reproduced here in black and white.. Reprint 1st published Some light foxing.. New York, Vol VI. Browning to inner section of endpapers.. Birds in England: An account of the state of our bird-life and a criticism of bird protection. Owner's name to endpaper..

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Text German. An account of the six expeditions in North Africa, , made by Alexander Koenig , with Introduction by A.

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Jordans and an account of his life Ein Lebensbild by H. Geyr von Schweppenburg. All the colour plates illustrate birds, from paintings by J.